As the largest network of faith and community-based organizations in Texas, with ten broad-based coalitions representing hundreds of thousands of families statewide, the Texas Industrial Areas Foundation is extremely concerned about the physical and financial impact of COVID-19 on working families. 

With aggressive containment efforts of COVID-19 underway, including “Shelter in Place” requirements across the State, Valley Interfaith and the ten Texas IAF Organizations are calling the Texas Public Utility Commission to take the following steps to keep Texas citizens safe during this pandemic: 

  • Cease all utility cutoffs/shutdowns (water, phone, electricity) until 30 days after the State ends its Emergency Declaration
  • Waive any late fees that have or will accrue from the start of the Emergency Declaration until 30 days after it ends
  • Extend payment due dates with no down payment required during this same period.
  • Reduce down payments and defer balances over five equal installments.
  • Enact additional bill-payment assistance by PUC to citizens in need through utility aid program.
  • Require local utility companies to have assistance plans in place if a customer is unable to pay their

COVID-19 is causing uncertainty and many hardships, and during this time, VI/IAF of Texas doesn’t want Texas citizens to have their physical or financial health put in danger unnecessarily. To fight the spread of COVID-19 access to water, communications, and electricity are basic necessities.