Code of Ethics

The Rio Grande Guardian is a for-profit media organization. Our mission is to provide our readers with impartial, informative reporting, and with an outlet for civic engagement and discourse on public policy, politics, government and other matters of borderwide concern. This mission drives the values and guidelines set out in our code of ethics, which borrows generously from the policies set by other excellent news organizations. There may be circumstances where exceptions to these rules will allow, for example, due to changing technology. We will keep our readers and members advised of such changes.


Accuracy and Attribution


Our reporting on all platforms will be truthful, transparent and respectful; our facts will be accurate, complete and fairly presented. Our analysis will represent our best independent judgment, not our preferences or those of our sources. There will be no hidden agendas in our endeavors. When we make a mistake — and from time to time, we will — we will work quickly to fully address the error, correcting it within the story, detailing the error on the story page and adding it to a running list of Guardian corrections. If you find an error, email [email protected] Guardian journalists will not republish stories, images or other content from outside sources without permission and credit. Plagiarism, fabrication and misappropriation of intellectual property are all grounds for immediate termination. Guardian photo editors and video producers may improve the technical quality of photos and video or audio recordings, but may not alter the substance of that media. All photo illustrations, graphics or animations will be clearly labeled as such.