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REYNOSA, Tamaulipas – Now that it’s the Holiday Season, the Governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca, has been visiting different cities to start the holiday season and bring support to the economy and tourism sectors, especially in border towns.

In Reynosa, the “Tamaulipas tiene nueva luz” (Tamaulipas has a new light) program started after lighting the Christmas Tree in Cultural Park. During the season the City will also present a play, christmas carols and story-tellings.

The Municipal President of Reynosa, Maki Ortiz Dominguez, asked families to live in harmony and family union during the season, with the permanent goal to have an overall safe celebration.

The festivities in Reynosa will include a parade float and a Christmas Expo where local businesses will exhibit handcrafts, and nutrition, beauty and technology stands.

Ortiz said the city leadership is looking to propel and rescue Tamaulipas’ December traditions and contribute to the family get together.

“We want to pursue our city’s welfare, sitting down at the same table, and fighting together for one thing: Reynosa’s welfare and an engaged future,” Ortiz said.

Nuevo Laredo

Meanwhile in Nuevo Laredo, the lighting of the “Arbol de la Esperanza” (Tree of Hope) christmas tree occurred Saturday, December 10, with Gov. Cabeza de Vaca present.

The event kicked off the beginning of the Christmas Village in Independence Terrace in downtown Nuevo Laredo.

“To have a direct and permanent contact with the citizens, greet them and directly listen to them is what the Governor is looking for during his visit,” said Municipal President Enrique Rivas, prior to the event.

Furthermore, a play, light show, music and fireworks, will take place, plus the Light Fairy and Christmas carol presentations.

Editor’s Note: Rio Grande Guardian reporter Melva Lavín-Castillo contributed to this story from Nuevo Laredo. Photos by Blanca Zumaya in Reynosa.