It all started in the Rio Grande Valley.

We are home to the birth of the Chicano movement in Texas. Did you know that? This summer marks the 50-year anniversary of a legendary but under-sung moment in Texas history: the labor strike and march of a group of Rio Grande Valley farm workers and allies from Rio Grande City to the state Capitol.

Can you join us on September 9 at 9 AM at Edinburg City Hall to commemorate the legacy of these brave activists and farm workers? If we get 400 people to attend, we’ll make this an unforgettable event in history.

The workers’ courageous actions contributed to the awakening of the Mexican-Americans in Texas. It was symbolic of the end of an era that showed Mexican-Americans would no longer idly accept the status quo but would organize and build a new social order of justice.

At a time when some politicians are calling for mass deportations and building dangerous walls, it is important for us to remember our community’s legacy of resistance and refusal to be treated like second-class citizens. It’s time to unite and honor the legacy of resistance of our past to build for a future that reflects our values of freedom and justice.

Join the workers and community activists whose courageous actions sparked a bold movement in Texas in 1966 and learn how you can get involved to continue their legacy.

Editor’s Note: For more information on the 50th Anniversary Commemoration of the 1966 Starr County Strike and March, click here.