Celebrating 25 years of AHEC in Laredo


Laredo, Texas – The Board of Directors of the Area Health Education Center (AHEC) have held a press conference to share details of a special event to celebrate 25 years of AHEC in the community.

Community leaders, friends and supporters of AHEC gathered to witness the special announcement.

Ms. Julie Bazan, AHEC Executive Director, delivered the opening remarks alongside AHEC Board Chair Judge Merucurio Martinez, Jr.

“It gives us, the Board, great pride to see the impact of our AHEC has had on the lives of many in the community and under the leadership of Ms. Bazan, our AHEC is recognized throughout the nation” remarked Judge Martinez.

A 25-Year Celebration Gala will be held on Thursday, March 5, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. at the IBOC Annex Building, Jacaman Rd., Laredo, Texas.  The event is being sponsored by International Bank of Commerce.

The event theme is to highlight at least 25 lives touched by AHEC programs; those individuals that are AHEC alumni and are practicing providers in their chosen fields: 25 years/25 AHEC alumni.

These last 25 years have been remarkable and  prosperous for over 100,000 individuals who have received services through the AHEC menu of programs. Programs are offered to every individual in the counties of Webb, Zapata, Jim Hogg, LaSalle, Dimmit and Duval counties.

Programs include accredited continuing education conferences/workshops for practicing professionals; pipeline programs for elementary to college level students to spark an interest in a higher education and health careers; and health education and information for the community at large to help each one make informed decisions.

The AHEC Board of Directors wants to highlight AHEC’s accomplishments at a community-wide function that will showcase the value of AHEC for students, families, professionals and community members. For this reason, the AHEC Board is honored to have the force and vision of a true leader to take this event and create a milestone in the history of AHEC: Blas Castaneda, Gala Chairman and founding AHEC Board member who continues to be a strong supporter of AHEC and its menu of programs.

Blas’ passion for assisting everyone to aspire and seek a higher education, regardless of their economic status, is admirable and supports the mission of AHEC. Mr. Castaneda will ensure that the Gala highlights 25 lives touched by the AHEC programs and he will accomplish this with the support of Gala Committee Co-Chairs Javier Moctezuma, retired banker and community leader, and Julie Bazan, AHEC Executive Director.

Members of the Gala Committee include Priscilla Salinas, Gloria Rendon, Michael Gonzalez, Larry Dovalina (La Salle County), Leodoro Martinez (LaSalle County), Gonzalo Prida, Hector Tito Garcia, Jorge Gonzalez, Nati Lozano, Gary Schwebel, Dr. Guadalupe “Lupita” Perez, Rogelio Trevino, America Flores Gonzalez, Esther Degollado, Dr. Erica Guerrero, Luis Estrada, Judge Alfredo Garcia (Oilton, Bruni, Mirando), Claudia Arambula (Zapata).

For additional information about this event, please contact Ms. Julie Bazan, AHEC Executive Director (956)712-0037 or email [email protected].