I resigned as Texas Secretary of State today, effective January 3, 2017. I want to thank Gov. Abbott for the opportunity to serve as SOS.

I want to personally thank all the agency staff for their hard work. A special thanks to my executive staff: Coby, Linda, Alicia, Lindsey, Cammy, Mari, Alejandro and Destiny.

I believe I leave the office in good shape. During my first year I toured Texas visiting cities both small and large. There was no city too small that I would not visit. I believed that if I was to sell Texas to the world, I needed to learn about Texas and meet Texans.

When I took office our relationship with Mexico was fragile, and Mexico was not in compliance with the 1944 Water Treaty. As of today our relationship with Mexico is vastly improved and Mexico is now in compliance with the Treaty.

As election day arrived, Texas had more registered voters than ever before, over 15.1 million and a record number of votes were cast. Educating voters regarding the new Photo ID requirements was challenging but I believe our VoteTexas campaign was successful when considering the budget that was allocated by the legislature and the short time frame we had to disseminate the information.

I believe Texas is the best place to live, work and raise a family. However, we do have our challenges. We must address these challenges with the same vigor and passion as we tout our successes.

As I have frequently said, education is a great equalizer. We must invest and improve upon our educational institutions. Texas’ best resource is its people and we should invest in our young Texans.

We have over 500 thousand people living in almost 2,300 colonias along the border, many without running water and wastewater lines and adequate infrastructure. Texas should develop a 10- to 15-year plan which addresses these issues. Improving the living conditions in these neighborhoods isn’t just good for their residents….it’s good for Texas.

Texas faces many challenges including but not limited to health care, infrastructure and public safety. I am confident Texas will address these challenges pragmatically.

I will continue to be involved in civic engagement, public service and am available for speaking engagements.

Thanks to all for your support and friendship.

God Bless Texas.

Editor’s Note: The above commentary was posted on Facebook by Carlos Cascos soon after his resignation as Secretary of State was announced.