AudioCanales: TxDOT’s Border Trade Advisory Committee – the most powerful advisory committee in the world

Chairman of Texas House Committee on Transportation urges TxDOT’s Border Trade Advisory Committee to find the money for the Border Master Plan.

MCALLEN, Texas – The chairman of the Texas House Transportation Committee said he wanted to lay down some facts when he spoke before TxDOT’s Border Trade Advisory Committee.

State Rep. Terry Canales of Edinburg spoke about some of his achievements in the area of transportation during the most recent legislative session. He then gave a big picture view of the importance of the advisory committee.

“I want to give you a bit of perspective. The United States is the greatest superpower the world has ever seen. That’s a fact. Mexico is now our largest trading partner, as reported by all news outlets. That’s a fact. That means this committee and the work that this committee does, probably makes this the most powerful Trade Advisory Committee on the face of the planet. That’s a fact,” Canales said.

“So moving forward, what do we do?” Canales asked. How do we fund the Border Master Plan?”

Canales answered his own question. He said funding the Border Master Plan is should be the work of the advisory committee. 

“So I leave you with that. You are the most powerful Trade Advisory Committee on the face of the planet. And the work and movement that you do here will forge and form the future of not only Texas, not only the Rio Grande Valley, but the entire United States. 

“And so figuring out how we fund the projects that are in the Border Master Plan; I would challenge this committee to say we’re going to find that funding one way or another. Through moving TxDOT funds, or however you do it. And build out the Border Master Plan over the next 25 years. It is possible. It’s a challenge you should accept. It is incumbent upon us.”

Secretary of State Jane Nelson chaired the meeting, which was held at the McAllen Convention Center. Nelson said Canales’ remarks were “inspiring.”

Meade’s analysis

Alejandro ‘Alex’ Meade, the new Texas Transportation Commission member, also spoke at the Border Trade Advisory Committee meeting.

Meade said he agreed with Canales. “This could not be a more powerful committee,” Meade said. “The State of Texas is the fastest growing state in the nation. We have the eighth largest economy in the world. And the only way we can do that is by having a strong border. Investing in the border is investing in Texas. And so we have to remind ourselves and remind our partners that we have to continue investing in the border.”

Meade pointed out that trade with Mexico, in just the Valley and Laredo regions, is worth $1 billion a day.  

“Nothing happens in Texas without the border. Nothing happens in this country without the border.”

Editor’s Note: Here is an audio recording of the entire remarks Canales and Meade made at the Border Trade Advisory Committee meeting:

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