State Rep. Terry Canales of Edinburg. (Photo: RGG/Steve Taylor)

AUSTIN, Texas – State Rep. Terry Canales of Edinburg has filed a resolution in support of Rio Grande International Trade Day at the State Capitol.

It is tomorrow, March 30, 2017.

The organizers of the event are the Lower Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the RGV Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and Camara de Comercio Internacional, otherwise known as CAMCOIN.

Among the sponsors are the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Texas International Produce Association, Pharr International Bridge, Donna International Bridge, Progreso International Bridge, and U.S. Citrus, LLC. Among those attending are representatives from the City of McAllen and the City of Edinburg.

Here is Canales’ resolution:

85R19359 BPG-D

By: Canales H.R. No. 1173


WHEREAS, The celebration of Rio Grande International Trade Day at the State Capitol on March 30, 2017, provides a welcome opportunity to highlight cross-border commerce as a driving economic force in South Texas; and

WHEREAS, Each year, Texas sends about 36 percent of the state’s total exports to Mexico, and in 2015, those exports totaled nearly $92.5 million; goods exported to Mexico include computer and electronic products, petroleum and coal products, chemicals, machinery, and transportation equipment, all of which are produced by industries that supply hundreds of thousands of jobs to the Lone Star State; and

WHEREAS, Since 1994, when the North American Free Trade Agreement was ratified, the export of U.S. goods to Mexico has risen 325 percent, while imports into the United States from Mexico have increased 458 percent; in 2012, Americans spent $277.5 billion for goods from Mexico, and Mexico is America’s third-largest supplier of oil, after Canada and Saudi Arabia; additionally, nearly half of the tomatoes and two-thirds of the mangoes consumed in the United States come from Mexico; and

WHEREAS, This trade is especially critical to Texas border cities, counties, and businesses; policy leaders in the field of economic development have noted that the steady flow of trade and visitors through the Rio Grande Valley is a source of economic vitality; during the 2008-2009 recession, the region was not hit as hard as many other parts of the nation, and over the past decade, despite the devaluation of the peso, the RGV has continued to grow, not just in population but in terms of retail sales taxes, permits, and residential and commercial construction; and

WHEREAS, Mexico is the largest trading partner of Texas and the third largest of the United States, and continued support for vibrant international trade between our two nations is crucial to the future prosperity of the Lone Star State; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 85th Texas Legislature hereby recognize March 30, 2017, as Rio Grande International Trade Day at the State Capitol and extend to all those participating sincere best wishes for a productive and enjoyable visit to Austin.

For more information about Rio Grande International Trade Day in Austin, contact:

Cynthia Sakulenzki, of the RGV Hispanic Chamber, at 956-451-5255;
Tony Gutierrez, of the Lower Valley Hispanic Chamber, at 956-536-1448;
Carlos Marin, of Camara de Comercio Internacional, at 956-776-5538.