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REYNOSA, Tamaulipas – Tamaulipas Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca is visiting China with other members of the National Conference of Governors in Mexico.

Also on the trip are the Governor of Morelos and President of CONAGO, Graco Ramírez and the Governor of Tlaxcala, Marco Antonio Mena, along with representatives of the governments of Puebla and Oaxaca. Tamauilpas Secretary of Economic Development Carlos Talancón is also part of the delegation.

During their first day in China, the CONAGO delegation met with Yang Jiechi, the state councilor of China, the President of the Association of Friendship of the Chinese People, Li Xiaolin and Quian Hongshan, from the Ministry of the Exterior.

In the meetings, it was noted that both China and Mexico are experiencing economic expansion and that this provides new business opportunities for both countries.

Later, a meeting was held with Yan Zhongqiu, Vice-President of the Beijing People’s Political Consultative Conference. Beijing is known as the production center of China, with a large number of manufacturing companies operating there.

A meeting was also held with the president of investment for the Ministry of Commerce in China, Liu Dianxun.

In the afternoon, Governor García Cabeza de Vaca visited the Business Experience of Huawei, technology company.
There the focus was on technology that can help with public security. Cabeza de Vaca was interested in technological applications that could be applied in the fight for public safety and defense. He invited executives with the company to look at Tamaulipas’ needs and make a proposal.

During the tour, Governor Garcia Cabeza de Vaca will also hold meetings with Chinese authorities and entrepreneurs to promote investment in the energy sector in Tamaulipas.

Mexico’s total exports about $5 billion worth of goods and services to China.

Original Story

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas – During a celebration of the collaboration between the Instituto Internacional de Estudios Superiores and South Texas College, Tamaulipas Gov. Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca announced he is heading to China and South Korea.

In an interview following the celebration, Tamaulipas Economic Development Secretary Carlos Talancón told the Rio Grande Guardian that he will be on the trade mission also.

Talancon said they will be meeting with CEOs who are interested investing in Tamaulipas.

Carlos Talancón

“They are very interested, we have been talking for months, and have had different meetings via telephone,” Talancón said.

According to Talancón, the Altamira port and the border region are points of interest to the Chinese and Korean companies. Talancón said the port is of great interest due to motor companies like “Kia” importing through Altamira.

“The border and the port that we have are of great interest to them. They say they need a port, and they know we have that infrastructure to develop and to put the facilities here in Tamaulipas,” Talancón said.

In his speech, Cabeza de Vaca recalled visiting South Korea when he was the mayor of Reynosa. He said Korean CEOs had great interest in the region.

“They were amazed with what we had to offer,” the governor said.

“The international airports, our housing programs. They decided to invest in Reynosa because they knew we were just one region.”

Cabeza de Vaca said building ties with China and Korea could bring opportunities and new markets to Reynosa and the South Texas border region.

“We have enough potential with the gas, petroleum, agri-industry to be able to open new markets and new opportunities.”

Cabeza de Vaca added that working in these arenas will ” help make for a more competitive region, attracting new investments and, as a consequence, we can generate more employment opportunities for our young population.”

McAllen Mayor Jim Darling and McAllen Economic Development Corporation President Keith Patridge were at the IIES-STC celebrations. After the event had ended both gave interviews to the Rio Grande Guardian about the Governor’s upcoming visit to China and South Korea.

Mayor Darling said the Governor’s visit to Asia is important for the whole region, particularly in light of potential changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement.

“It’s very important to our region, and it’s good to see that they are going over there. But, I think it’s more important now with NAFTA and everything that is going on,” he said.

“We have a strong Korean presence and building it stronger is important for all of us.”

Darling acknowledged that talk of a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico will have reached China and South Korea. He said he hopes the Tamaulipas governor can assure industry captains in the two countries that relations between Texas and Tamaulipas remain strong.

“There’s been angst about coming across to McAllen, so hopefully they alleviate some of that and they let them know we’re still doing business as usual in both countries,” Darling said.

Patridge said the visit to China and South Korea could prove invaluable. Patridge has participated in similar trade missions.

“Cabeza de Vaca’s visit to China and Korea is very good. They are going to see many of the same people that we see because we are working on some different projects they continue to support.”

IIES-STC Partnership

The alliance between IIES and STC currently centers on customized workforce training programs for the maquiladora industry.

Patridge believes that the alliance can grow into other fields.

“This is the first step of what I see is many steps in bringing educational offerings together and improving the training and the opportunities for all the kids on both sides of the border,”

Gov. Cabeza de Vaca and Secretary Talancón are currently China until April 2. They will travel to South Korea on April 2 and complete their Asia trip on April 10.