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MISSION, RGV — As a border Governor, Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca of Tamaulipas said he will strongly defend commercial trade between Mexico and the United States, as well as the North American Free Trade Agreement.

During a private meeting with members of the Reynosa’s Maquiladora Association (INDEX) and businessmen in the Rio Grande Valley, García Cabeza de Vaca stressed the importance of promoting the commercial relationships and family connections the USA and Mexico share.

García Cabeza de Vaca said he will continue to lobby federal authorities on both sides of the border to improve international trade. He said such trade benefits both countries.

“I will do all that. I can to continue having a strong relationship between Mexico and the United States,” García Cabeza de Vaca said.

He insisted that border leaders are obliged to ensure that both the U.S. and Mexico federal governments understand that life in their region is interwoven in the security and economic fields.

“This is something where we all can contribute,” García Cabeza de Vaca said. “As the Governor of a state which has a strong relationship with the United States, I will continue supporting a strong relationship.”

García Cabeza de Vaca said local authorities need to focus on building bridges and job opportunities instead of walls, because this is what will improve the quality of life of families on both sides of the border.

García Cabeza de Vaca was the guest speaker during the INDEX Reynosa’s private meeting in Mission on Wednesday morning. INDEX Reynosa comprises 140 manufacturing companies. These companies generate about 115,00 jobs, or around 50 percent of employees working in the Tamaulipas economy.

Editor’s Note: This story was translated into English by reporter Melva Lavín-Castillo.