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REYNOSA, Tamaulipas — During a meeting with business leaders in the transportation arena, Governor of Tamaulipas Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca introduced a plan to modernize roads leading to the Reynosa-Pharr International Bridge.

Cabeza de Vaca said the purpose is to allow for more mobility and make the bridge more competitive when it comes to wait times.

The Governor explained the road acceleration plan when meeting with the entrepreneurs while visiting this border city. The plan is part of the $380 million investment package the State intends to use for pavement and diverse social infrastructure in Reynosa during 2017.

García Cabeza de Vaca also carried out a series of activities and meetings in different areas, where he was able to analyze aspects such as security and road infrastructure which, he argues, will allow for greater regional competitiveness for Reynosa.

He met with members of the Security and Justice group of Reynosa, where everybody was able to evaluate actions that have been taken in security by Cabeza de Vaca’s government, along with the civil society and federal authorities.

Afterwards, Cabeza de Vaca lead the Grupo de Coordinación Tamaulipas (Tamaulipas Coordination Group) at a meeting inside the 8th Military Zone, with representatives of the Armed Forces, Federal Police, Acreditable State Police, and other justice and intelligence corporations and offices that work in Tamaulipas.

It was in the Jarachina neighborhood where he delivered school supplies and sports items to families and students.

Garcia Cabeza de Vaca met with the players of the Treviño Kelly Reynosa Baseball League who recently won a spot in the Williamsport World Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He motivated the players to give the best they can as individuals and as a team, to make possible bringing the world championship title to Tamaulipas.