SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, RGV – South Padre Island Mayor Dennis Stahl has abruptly resigned.

Stahl, a businessman, has served as mayor for just 13 months. He was elected un-opposed in November, 2017. Previously, he was mayor pro-tem.

In an email to the Rio Grande Guardian, Stahl explained why he resigned:

“Anna and I moved to South Padre Island six years ago to retire following a nice business career. I ended up on the city council in 2014. It has been a good run but will shortly be over. Earlier today, I turned in my resignation to city secretary Susan Hill. It is effective with citizens elect a new mayor, and the swearing in of my successor after the May 4 election.

“What began as a “ten hour per week” volunteer position to improve the island has now become an all-consuming mayoral position. My health will no longer allow me to work the schedule needed to sustain success. I am reprioritizing what is most important in my life: personal physical health, my wife, and family. The island is a little better place than 2014. We moved here because we love the island. We still do. As we return to being private citizens, we look forward to enjoying the many positive things that brought us here to retire initially six years ago.

“I’ll assist South Padre Island leaders over the following three months on transition matters. Great things are coming to this area – many of these things have been years in the making. There are also many items to transition at the federal, county, and city level. The State Legislative is also in session and I will assist as needed on advancing our South Padre Island legislative agenda. Thanks to our many citizens, acquaintances and friends for your input and support. We’ve enjoyed getting to know you better. I would also like to thank the various city council members, federal, state, and county officials who I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside.

“I especially want to thank the highly dedicated, well-trained city staff. Anna and I look forward to a simpler, more healthy re-retirement that was postponed for a few years.”

SPI City Manager Susan Guthrie resigned in late December, 2018, to take up a similar position in Sunnyvale, Texas. Randy Smith is interim city manager.

Nikki Soto, public information officer for the City of South Padre Island, said a statement would be issued on Friday, Feb. 15, 2018.