Open Carry had a great chance to pass this session of the Texas State Legislature. The new Governor, Greg Abbott would have signed it.

Of course, nothing is simple as it sounds. There are two points of view. Constitutional Open Carry will allow anyone to Open Carry. The second point of view is Open Carry allowed to holders of a Concealed Handgun License (CHL). This requires a safety check by an instructor, shooting proficiency, and a background check.

After Constitutional Open Carry proponents engaged in a heated exchange in Representative Poncho Nevárez’s office on January 13th, they will be lucky to get Open Carry with a CHL passed this session. Representative Nevárez now has a DPS security detail. This is a classic example of shooting yourself in the foot. This is not a civil society.

Of course, this is the same group that wanted to conduct Open Carry rallies in the Rio Grande Valley and all over the state. They did not want to talk to the chiefs of police before the events. They did not want to show ID when a police officer requested it. They sat for hours in Falfurrias refusing to allow Border Patrol to look at the serial numbers on their rifles, uncased and in full view in the back seat, and refusing to show ID.

Now other Tea Party Presidents are upset with the new Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick, because he stated that Open Carry is not a priority in the Texas Senate at this time. Why would it be? I really don’t care how many of the surrounding states have Constitutional Open Carry. If the guy open carrying is a bully, he needs a background check. If he is not civil to police officers and elected officials, he needs a background check. Some people are their own worst enemy. As a consequence my foot also got in their way.

I was hesitant about Constitutional Open Carry. Not anymore. Open Carry only with a CHL and a background check.