Dear Donald Trump,

When Mexico opened its borders in 1821 allowing Anglo settlers to take advantage of free lands the US did not send Mexico its best people.

In fact some of the Anglo settlers had abandoned their families and a lot of them were escaping from debtors prisons. One of those was Stephen F. Austin the so called Father of Texas. Another was Sam Houston that also abandoned his wife and had a bad drinking problem. Some of them were perhaps good people but there were some rapists and murderers. Not to say that William Travis was a rapist but he was a womanizer with a fondness for dark eyed Mexican women and at the age of 27 very much in debt thus the reason for coming to Texas. Many of these were looking to start a new life such as David Crockett who also abandoned his family, although I must admit he was a hero before coming to Texas. He was only one of a small minority in Congress that did not agree with Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Policy and spoke out against it.

By the time the Mexican Government realized that there were way too many illegal immigrants crossing the border, it was way too late to build a fence. It wouldn’t be long before the Mexicans were out numbered and the United States would illegally annex Texas in 1845 resulting in the US Mexican War of 1846-1848. In 1848 under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Mexicans that chose to remain on the US side became US citizens, thus the saying “we did not come to the United States the United States came to us.” Are these US citizens on your hate list?

In 1898 the US would illegally annex Hawaii because they wanted Pearl Harbor. The descendents of the missionaries had taken advantage of the Hawaiian people and had gotten wealthy. These descendents would create a false Republic which would be recognized by the US Government who in turn would send in the Marines to support the new regime and later followed the annexation. Apparently the US also sent murderers and con men to Hawaii and not its best people so do you also hate Hawaiian and Asian immigration?

At the same time because the US wanted Cuba and Puerto Rico the US sent a battleship, the Maine to the harbor in Havana and it was mysteriously blown up resulting in the Spanish American War. That’s how we acquired Puerto Rico which makes Puerto Ricans US Citizens. So are they on your hate list?

Mr. Trump you are not qualified to be our president but according to some polls you are a front runner which makes you dangerous but a bigger danger are the people that are naïve and ignorant enough to believe in the racist ranting of a mad man.