AUSTIN, Texas – Greg Abbott’s campaign office tells the Rio Grande Guardian it has requested a correction in El Universal.

The Mexican newspaper has a “quote” from the Texas Governor-elect saying he will “close the border” in response to President Obama’s pending executive action on immigration.

“Gov.-elect Abbott has never spoken to El Universal and we have contacted them to request a correction,” said Avdiel Huerta, a spokesman for the Abbott campaign.

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Abbott has said he supports legal action against Obama’s immigration initiative. Under Obama’s executive order, up to five million undocumented immigrants are expected to be shielded from deportation. Obama will address the nation on the issue at 7 p.m. tonight.

Abbott said he expects a surge of undocumented immigration as a result of Obama’s executive order.

“The American people are sick and tired of the president using executive orders to dictate a pathway inconsistent with America’s values,” Abbott told Fox News. “And if the President crosses the line, he’s going to see an overwhelming rejection of what he’s trying to do. And so he better not overstep his authority. If he does, for one, of course we’ll be involved with another lawsuit against him. But for another, you can expect quite a strong pushback.”