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DONNA, RGV – Every year for almost 20 years, the Templo La Hermosa in Donna, has invited City of Donna employees to a Thanksgiving Feast. They did so again this year.

Pastors Robert Torres, Sr., and Robert Torres, Jr., explain why they do this. “The City of Donna serves us all year long, through its employees, so at Thanksgiving, our church chooses to serve them, just as they have served us.”

It’s something Donna Mayor Irene Muñoz appreciates.

“Year after year for almost 20 years, Templo La Hermosa Church in Donna, has embraced city employees by opening its doors to the them and community with a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving,” Muñoz said. “Living up to its “Hermosa” name, which means “Beautiful” in English, the Church lives up to each Thanksgiving season by putting on a beautiful event to provide a warm and welcoming Thanksgiving lunch to the people who serve our community. We  certainly appreciate and look forward to this annual lunch that they’ve been hosting for many years now. It’s a blessing that we always look forward to because the members of the church are sincere, warm, and always ready to serve us.”

Muñoz added: “As mayor of the City of Donna, I thank them for this hermosa tradition that they traditionally have blessed our City of Donna employees with. It’s truly a reflection of their church name, beautiful.”

Thanksgiving 2016, was no exception, as the photographs provided by Ron Whitlock Reports in the slideshow depict.