Dear Editor,

Divided nation! That’s been screamed for the entire Donald Trump presidency, as if that situation is new.


The division began with the arrival of slaves in 1619, and has lasted more than four centuries.

Ask Afro-Americans, women, LGBT individuals, have of any background Latinos, Native Americans, immigrants other than those from western Europe, and millions of poor any background; they have long known the “division.”

Talk about healing!

It is not the duty of those who have felt the pain of “division” to heal it.

Rather, it is the obligation of those who benefitted from the division to get busy – and now!

And give credit where it is due: The idea above came from United States Representative James Clyburn, Democratic Majority Whip from South Carolina, who by the way recently visited the Valley thanks to United States Representative Filemon Vela’s invitation..

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky
Brownsville, Texas