EDINBURG, RGV – Teleperformance USA has announced another expansion, adding 200 jobs to its facility in Edinburg, the company announced Tuesday.

Teleperformance is a global customer service, technical support, call center, debt collector and social media company. Its Edinburg center, which supports several clients, is located at 1701 Closner Blvd. The announcement that Teleperformance was coming to Edinburg was made by then-Gov. Rick Perry in 2003.

Edinburg Mayor Richard Garcia.
Edinburg Mayor Richard Garcia.

New employees at the center will provide support for a large entertainment company, the Teleperformance said. It did not name the company.

Miranda Collard, president of operational delivery for Teleperformance USA, said hiring for the positions has already begun. She said her company’s clients love Edinburg. “Our clients see Edinburg as a great place for customer service and support. They recognize the diversity, talent and education in the community. Edinburg offers a unique advantage to employers like Teleperformance because of the strength of the community and the incredible work ethic of the people. We are excited to continue our growth in this area.”

Edinburg’s unemployment rate for January 2015 was 5.1 percent, a significant improvement from the monthly rate in January 2014, when it came in at 6.3 percent, and better than the January 2015 U.S. unemployment rate of 5.7 percent, according to the Texas Workforce Commission.

Only McAllen had a better performance among the Valley’s major economies, coming in with a 5.0 percent unemployment rate for January 2015, and Edinburg’s showing remained within striking distance of the Texas statewide average, which was 4.6 percent for January 2015, according to the Texas Workforce Commission.

The January 2015 unemployment rate of 5.1 percent for Edinburg is also better than the annual unemployment rate in Edinburg for 2014, which was 5.8 percent, the best 12-month average from January through December in seven years, according to TWC.

“Obviously, we are excited about another expansion to bring another 200 jobs,” said Edinburg City Manager Ramiro Garza in a phone interview. “Even though there are a number of jobs being created through the different projects taking place, there are still people looking for employment, so this is great news. This company has been here for over ten years and they have been very successful here, and we would like to commend them for their continued commitment to our city,” Garza said.

Edinburg Mayor Richard H. Garcia said he would like to congratulate Teleperformance for its continued success. Garcia said he agrees with the company’s assessment of the work ethics in this region. “For us working hard is just something we do. That’s what our parents taught us and I’m glad we’re being recognized for our hard working habits. This is their second expansion since they first opened in 2003 clearly we’re a good fit.”

The first expansion was in 2013 at which time, Teleperformance added 400 new positions and increased square footage by 24,000 feet making room for 350 more workstations, Garcia said.

Then-Gov. Rick Perry announced the opening of the Teleperformance call center in Edinburg in March, 2003.
Then-Gov. Rick Perry announced the opening of the Teleperformance call center in Edinburg in March, 2003.

Edinburg EDC Director, Gus Garcia said the additional 200 positions will contribute to the already declining unemployment rate. “This also means that people looking for a job will have high paying positions to choose from.” Positions, he says that could turn into careers. As the head of the jobs creation arm of the City, Garcia pledges continued support for a company that has already brought so much to Edinburg.

Anyone interested in seeking a job at the call center should visit the company’s website at www.telperformance.com or call (956)388-8500.