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checkNew York Times covers the Donna politiquera story
Last Updated: 13 January 2014
By Staff
Donna Mayor David S. Simmons is quoted in the New York Times story about politiqueras. (File photo: RGG/Steve Taylor)
DONNA, January 13 - The New York Times has an interesting story on the political scene in Donna, where three politiqueras were arrested for allegedly paying voters to vote.

The Guardian has a link to the NYT story below. For those who do not know how the cash-for-votes procedure can work, here is an explanation.

A politiquera drives, say, three voters to the polls. Two campaign workers are sitting outside under a canopy at the polling location. The politiquera stays in the car while one of the campaign workers under the canopy escorts the three voters into the polling station. The assistant tells the election judge that he or she is there because the three voters need assistance. The campaign worker then watches over the voters while they cast their ballot. The assistant has to be there to ensure the voters vote the right way.

Once this is done, the assistant leaves the polling station with the voters. As soon as the assistant get outside he or she gestures with the three fingers raised, to show the other campaign worker sitting under the canopy that their candidate has secured three more votes. The campaign worker sitting under the canopy then clicks his counter to record that three more votes have come in. The other assistant then escorts the voters back to the car and discreetly gives the politiquera $15. The politiquera then hands over $5 each to the three voters and takes them home.

The campaign worker who handed over the $15 to the politiquera then sits down under the canopy with his or her colleague and waits for the next politiquera-driven vehicle to arrive.

Click here to read the New York Times story.

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