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Sunday, November 23, 2014
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Last Updated: Saturday, November 22, 2014 08:07
Cornyn: The Case against Obama’s Amnesty
WASHINGTON, D.C., November 20 - Just a few years ago, a prominent national Democrat firmly and unequivocally rejected the idea that the president of the United States could singlehandedly enact an amnesty program for millions of illegal immigrants. Full Story >

Jacoby: Obama's immigration plan solves nothing
WASHINGTON, D.C., November 13 - President Obama is set to provide a safe haven for up to 4.5 million unauthorized immigrants, according to various unconfirmed sources. Full Story >

Rivera: Colonia residents will benefit hugely from hospital district
EDINBURG, September 26 - The creation of a hospital district in Hidalgo County would positively impact the lives of colonia residents one hundred fold, says Cris Rivera, CEO of Rio Grande Regional Hospital. Full Story >

Perryman: It was important I came to the Rio Grande Valley
HARLINGEN, September 7 - Celebrated Texas economist Ray Perryman says it would have been easy for him to have said “no” to an invitation to come to the Rio Grande Valley and speak at a conference hosted by the RGV Equal Voice Network. Full Story >

Perryman: Troop deployment along border hurts economy, costs jobs
HARLINGEN, September 5 - Deploying National Guard troops on the Texas-Mexico border will result in a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars of business activity and cost thousands of jobs, according to a new study. Full Story >

LUPE sends White House its proposals for immigration reform
SAN JUAN, July 15 - La Unión del Pueblo Entero, which represents 7,000 colonia and low-income families in the Rio Grande Valley, has written to President Obama with recommendations on how to fix the nation’s broken immigration laws. Full Story >

Mixed reaction to Obama's go-it-alone plan for reforming immigration
SAN JUAN, June 30 - Reaction to President Obama’s announcement that he is prepared to go it alone on immigration reform has been mixed in South Texas. Full Story >

Rowe: Rio Grande Valley is best kept secret in United States
ALAMO, June 3 - The administrator for the Department of Agriculture’s food and nutrition service says the Rio Grande Valley is the United States’ best kept secret. Full Story >

LUPE: Lack of colonia street lights to blame for McAllen making Ten Worst list
SAN JUAN, May 7 - Juanita Valdez-Cox says she knows how McAllen can avoid being branded one of the “Top 10 Cities where Americans are Pretty Much Terrified to Live.” Erect more street lights in the colonias. Full Story >

Abbott urged to visit Valley's colonias
EDINBURG, March 7 - At a campaign event at El Pato in Edinburg on Thursday, gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott was handed a letter urging him to visit the colonias of the Rio Grande Valley. Full Story >

Colonia residents 'could influence outcome of DA, County Commissioner, and HD 36 races'
SAN JUAN, March 1 - Community groups that work in the colonias of Hidalgo County believe their members and supporters can influence the outcomes of two local and one state House race on Election Day. Full Story >

San Carlos colonia project points way for UTRGV
SAN CARLOS, February 16 - At a meeting of master planners and community groups in Weslaco last November, ideas were floated on how UT’s new university could really engage with colonia residents and truly transform the Rio Grande Valley. Full Story >

LUPE to Abbott: Don't give spare $$$ millions to DPS
SAN JUAN, February 8 - A candidate forum hosted by La Unión del Pueblo Entero in San Juan on Thursday evening focused on two local races, Hidalgo County District Attorney and Hidalgo County Commissioner, Precinct 2. Full Story >

Garcia: UT-RGV could help provide high speed Internet to Valley's colonias
HARLINGEN, January 30 - UT-Rio Grande Valley is going to play a big role in improving life in the Valley’s colonias and may install high speed Internet into colonia homes in order to address the region’s big digital divide. Full Story >

Seifert: Equal Voice disappointed with State of the Union
BROWNSVILLE, January 29 - President Obama addressed the nation yesterday on the State of the Union. The President spoke in the presence of a Congress that up until now has failed to entertain a single vote on laws that would have extraordinary impact on colonia communities across the Rio Grande Valley. Full Story >

Equal Voice: Pledge to become a responsible voter
New Year’s Eve is a time of wishes and blessings, of special, heart-felt prayer for those who are suffering, and a shared yearning for true peace. Full Story >

Diaz: Valley needs more civic engagement
I want to begin sharing my thoughts with a quote from President Abraham Lincoln at his Gettysburg address in 1865 that says “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Full Story >

Regalado provides free assistance to Mexican nationals
NUEVO PROGRESO, November 29 - A bail bonds company owner in Edinburg has started a national organization to provide free assistance to Mexican nationals living in the United States. Full Story >

RGV 'food desert' story stirs debate
McALLEN, November 17 - A Washington Post story about Rio Grande Valley colonia residents using food stamps to buy junk food and becoming obese was referenced at two conferences in the region this past week. Full Story >

UT System wants colonia residents to help shape new RGV university
WESLACO, November 14 - Should the new university being created by UT in South Texas build and staff community centers in the region’s most populous colonias? Full Story >

Guevara: Valley Interfaith makes the politicians look good
PHARR, October 28 - Groups like Valley Interfaith make the work of a politician easy because they bring people together, hold house meetings, listen to concerns and rally a community around issues that matter. Full Story >

PSJA to rename school after Las Milpas legend
PHARR, October 30 - A legend of Las Milpas will be honored by PSJA ISD with a ceremony on Friday morning. Full Story >

The university that is Valley Interfaith
In the run-up to Valley Interfaith's 25th Anniversary Convention, which took place on Sunday, October 12, 2008, at the McAllen Convention Center, the Guardian ran a three-part series on the group, featuring the recollections of former Valley Interfaith leaders. Full Story >

Valley Interfaith celebrates 30th Anniversary on Sunday
PHARR, October 25 - Bishop of Brownsville Daniel E. Flores, UT-Pan American President Robert Nelsen, and state Rep. René Oliveira are among the star names appearing at Valley Interfaith’s 30th Anniversary assembly on Sunday. Full Story >

Cuellar: Immigrants build the nation
LAREDO, October 23 - I am the oldest of eight children, and my parents used to take me out to the fields — las piscas — to be with them, as they worked in the hot sun. Full Story >

Hinojosa: With hindsight, DPS would not have set up Valley checkpoints
McALLEN, October 16 - State Sen. Juan Hinojosa says that if DPS could turn back time it would not instigate its controversial checkpoints program in the Rio Grande Valley. Full Story >

LUPE to celebrate 10th anniversary with gala
SAN JUAN, October 15 - When Juanita Valdez-Cox was growing up in South Texas there was no drinking water in her home, no paved streets in the colonia, no mail delivery and no bus service. Full Story >

Colonia groups: Dewhurst proves our point about real purpose of DPS checkpoints
EDINBURG, October 3 - When state Rep. Terry Canales called DPS to find out why the department was putting up random checkpoints in the poorest parts of the Rio Grande Valley he could not believe what he was told. Full Story >