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Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Last Updated: 29 April 2014
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State of the City Address - Hidalgo

By Staff
Hidalgo Mayor Martin Cepeda. (File photo: RGG/Steve Taylor)

HIDALGO, April 29 - Hidalgo Mayor Martin Cepeda recently gave the 2014 State of the City Address for Hidalgo. Here are his prepared remarks:

I don’t know about you ... but I feel so lucky to live in this city ... at this point in history.

I don’t know about you ... but I love Hidalgo. It’s my home -- and I’m so proud to tell people it’s my home.

I love talking about Hidalgo — especially to people who have never heard of it! I love to tell them everything — how great it is to live here … how historic our city is. I love to tell them all about the “Treasures of Hidalgo.”

Yo no se ustedes...pero yo me siento muy afortunado de vivir en esta ciudad ... Yo no se ustedes ....pero yo adoro a Hidalgo. Es mi hogar ---y estoy muy orgulloso de decir a la gente que esta es mi casa.

Disfruto hablar sobre Hidalgo----especialmente a la gente que nunca ha oido hablar de ella.! Disfruto decirle a esa gente---que grandioso es vivir aqui ....que esta ciudad esta llena de Historia. Me encanta decirles todo sobre “Los Tesoros de Hidalgo”.

The international award-winning BorderFest and Festival of Lights, all the new jobs that are coming to town, how great our schools are.

But there’s one Treasure of Hidalgo that’s more important, more impressive and more valuable than all the other ones combined. So what is it? The Greatest Treasure of Hidalgo … is you! Because you make Hidalgo what it is!

Every single day, you are transforming Hidalgo into a better city than it was the day before — no matter who you are!

Cada dia, tu estas transformando a Hidalgo en una mejor ciudad de lo que fue el dia anterior. No importa quien seas!

Man or woman. Young or old. Every person and and every family is transforming HIdalgo on a daily basis.

Hombre o Mujer. Nino o Adulto. Cada persona y cada familia esta transformando a Hidalgo diariamente.

Every time a student aims for success they are transforming Hidalgo. Whether it’s working hard in school to earn a scholarship or standing up against bullies our students are becoming the role models of tomorrow inspiring their younger peers to dream big and devote themselves to achievement.

Cada dia que un estudiante se propone el exito. Ellos estan transformando a Hidalgo. Si estan trabajando arduamente en la escuela para ganar una beca o actuando en contra del bulling nuestros estudiantes se estan convirtiendo en modelo a seguir del futuro inspirando a los mas jovenes a soñar en grande y dedicarse para conseguir

el exito.

Every time a city worker feels pride about their work they are transforming Hidalgo. Whether it’s putting out fires, patroling the streets, or just sweeping sidewalks,

the combined efforts of our city workers keep Hidalgo running like a fine machine and improving the quality of life here every single day.

Every grandma and grandpa who tells stories of growing up here transforms Hidalgo, by making sure the children of tomorrow remember the history of the special place they come from.

Every person who buys a home or rents an apartment in town is transforming Hidalgo by showing the world it’s a nice place to live!

Every company and business that creates jobs for Hidalgo citizens is transforming our economy and our future.

I cannot tell you how honored I am to be your mayor. To be the person you chose to lead the direction of the city. The person you trust to make your dreams for the future of Hidalgo come true. I cannot tell you how proud I am to be at your service. You are the reason I work hard for Hidalgo. You inspire me to want the best for my city. Your city. Our city. Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my sincere honor to welcome you here today.

Damas y caballeros,mi mas sincera bienvenida.

And it is my honor to present to you the City of Hidalgo’s very first State of the City address.

Es un honor presentarles el primer Informe de Gobierno de la Ciudad de Hidalgo.

I consider it my duty as mayor of this community to report back to my citizens and the public at large about what I’ve gotten accomplished since I was elected to do this job.

Considero mi deber como alcalde de esta comunidad informarles a mis ciudadanos y al publico en general lo que yo he realizado desde que fui electo para este cargo.

I consider it my privilege to stand before you and show you the past, the present and the future of this fine city -- and the places I hope to take it.

Es un privilegio el estar frente a ustedes, y mostrarles el pasado, presente y futuro de la Ciudad y a el camino a donde la quiero llevar.

But before we begin, let’s have a round of applause for my council, my staff and everyone who has played a part in bringing us where we are today.

Pero antes de comenzar, me gustaria ofrecerle un aplauso a mi Consejo, mi staff, y todos lo que han sido parte de lo que Hidalgo es el dia de hoy.

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is Hidalgo Today.

Esto, es el Hidalgo de hoy.

When our children and our children’s children look back upon the the history of Hidalgo, they will remember 2014 as the year that changed everything. When they look around the Hidalgo of the future, they will see a booming city with a booming economy. They will be surrounded by stores of all shapes and sizes — clothing stores, grocery stores, outlet malls, and the biggest names in retail all within the city limits. When they wonder what it was that changed this community from a quiet town with few stores into a major sales destination, I will proudly tell them it was the moment Walmart opened its doors.

Ladies and gentlemen, bringing Walmart to Hidalgo was no easy task. We at City Hall have been working day and night, continuing the hard work of our predecessors in administration — to put the pieces of this project together. All while keeping it completely confidential!

Todo mientras lo manteniamos confidencial!

Last summer, I had the special privilege of revealing this amazing development to the people of my city. It fills me with pride knowing what a great day it will be for Hidalgo when Walmart opens its doors on July 16. It fills me with pride seeing the construction of the building, watching as that empty lot on Dicker and Jackson Road transforms into something so good for my citizens.

Hidalgo has grown so much over the past 10 years, but like many small communities in Texas, we lack a lot of the convenience and options larger cities take for granted when they do their shopping. But this summer, we’ll have a brand new grocery store. A brand new pharmacy. A brand new bakery and deli. A brand new fresh produce market. We’ll have a brand new clothing store, a hardware store and a lawn and garden store. And the best part is, it will all be under one roof.

Wal-Mart’s decision to call Hidalgo home is another reminder that Hidalgo isn’t just the “city next to the bridge” anymore — it’s a destination! A destination for people on both sides of our international border. It’s a place for events, for culture and soon, for some serious shopping. But more important than anything is what Wal-Mart will do for this community.

Wal-Mart will mean that 300 people living in and around this community will have full-time employment in one of the country’s most exceptional corporations.

They’ll each get a 401k plan, health care benefits ... and even help furthering their education! Wal-Mart is injecting our community with a vitality that will jumpstart Hidalgo’s economy and take our city and our children into a bright and beautiful future.

El dia de ayer tuvimos una feria de trabajo de parte de Wal Mart en donde se contratataron a 36 ciudadanos de esta comunidad.

Walmart is making a tremendous investment in Hidalgo for one reason and one reason alone — they have faith in this community. They have faith in you! And Walmart’s faith in our community is going to inspire others to have faith in what this city has to offer. Investment — ladies and gentlemen — is the key to our future.

Inversion - damas y caballeros - es la llave del futuro.

That’s why we at City Hall spent so many years working with the federal government, filling out hundreds of pages of applications, to bring the EB-5 Investor Visa Program to Hidalgo.

Por eso mismo en el Ayuntamiento de Hidalgo por muchos años estuvimos trabajando con el gobierno federal, llenando cientos de aplicaciones, para llevar el programa EB5 de Inversionistas a Hidalgo.

The program has allowed us to open what is called a “Regional Center,” a headquarters for us attract major investors from Mexico and beyond in ways we have never been able to.

El programa nos ha permitido abrir lo que se denomina un “Centro Regional.” Un centro de operaciones que atrae mas inversionistas de Mexico y todo el mundo en maneras que nunca habian sido posibles.

Normally, when a foreign investor wants to apply for permanent residency in the U.S. they must make an investment of one million dollars into an American business and employ ten American workers.

Cuando un inversionista foraneo quiere aplicar para una residencia permanente en E.U. ellos deberian de hacer una inversion de un millon de dolares en un negocio Americano y emplear a 10 trabajadores Americanos.

But if a foreign investor chooses Hidalgo as home for that business, they only have to make an investment of $500,000 — half of what it usually costs!

Pero si un inversionista elige a Hidalgo como el hogar de su negocio solamente tienen que invertir 500,000 dolares- la mitad de lo que cuesta normalmente!

Corporations like Walmart, Pepsi and TS Tech already know how good it is to do business in Hidalgo.

Corporaciones como Wal Mart, Pepsi y TS Tech ya conocen el buen comercio en Hidalgo.

The EB-5 program will give Hidalgo access to a world of opportunity — literally!

El programa EB5 le abrira el mundo a Hidalgo.

And companies on every continent will have the opportunity to become part of a major hub of tomorrow’s economy.

Diferentes corporaciones de cada continente tendran la oportunidad de ser parte del epicentro de la economia del mañana.

In March we hosted a delegation from Jinju City, South Korea, the country we will be celebrating at next year’s BorderFest. The mayor and other dignitaries were blown away by what they saw here — and what they saw was a small town that was headed for the big time.

And now that the U.S. government is looking to foster better trade relations with South Korea, Hidalgo will be at the top of their minds when it’s time to talk business.

But it’s not just people far away investing in our city. We’re actively working with successful local entrepreneurs to bring new businesses such as Mi Taco! Ponchos to Hidalgo. By helping business owners set up shop in Hidalgo, we are helping ourselves and our children.

The work we’re doing to kickstart retail and service industry business today will pay for itself many times over. That’s the nature of investment. But it’s not just private entities that are making investments in Hidalgo.

We’re working with both the federal government and the state government to ensure Hidalgo and its citizens receive the funds Congress and our Texas legislature have earmarked for communities likes ours.

It’s crucial that we develop and maintain close relationships with Austin and Washington. And thanks to the hard work of my council and staff, the powers that be are finally taking notice of Hidalgo.

As one of the last places that qualifies for housing funds from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, we’re working with the department’s top officials to secure every dollar we can for the city because every dollar counts.

We fought hard for the right to compete for historical grants from the government and, now that we’ve cleared that hurdle, it’s safe to say that the history of Hidalgo

will play a huge part in its future. We’ve all driven down by the Pumphouse and the Old Jail and marveled at how these landmarks of the past are so still so well preserved.

Don’t those buildings make you start imagining what it would be like to live back then? Well, you won’t have to imagine much longer. In a matter of months, the old Courthouse, the original Hidalgo County Court House, which was built in the late 1800s and has been in ruins for decades will be given new life. With help from the Texas Historical Commission, the Courthouse will be restored to its former glory, recreated with 100% historical authenticity.

And that’s just the start! The Original Hidalgo County Jail ... The General Store ... It’s “Hidalgo Viejo.” Our downtown will be a living museum! Our city will have a true historic district an attraction that will draw tourists from all over the world.

But Hidalgo Viejo is just one piece of the puzzle. We’ve taking a proactive approach, promoting and directing the growth of the city and aiming for the goals that are outlined in our official Master Plan and Strategic Comprehensive Plan. Our upcoming branding campaign will give Hidalgo a fresh identity to market ourselves with

and to know ourselves by.

And you’re already seeing the results of our City Beautification projects - just take a drive down Coma! Or a walk down the Hike and Bike Trail!

Ya estamos viendo los resultados en nuestros proyectos de renovacion, por ejemplo manejen por la calle Coma! O paseen por el camino para Ciclistas y Corredores.

From improvements in Wastewater Treatment to instituting online payment systems, we’re looking to make life better in Hidalgo in every way possible.

De mejoras al sistema de agua hasta implementar un sistema de pagos por internet, estamos aqui para hacer una mejor vida en Hidalgo en cada manera posible.

In just the past two years, we’ve worked hard to create events and city gatherings that foster unity and neighborly love.

En estos ultimos dos años hemos trabajado arduamente para crear eventos y juntas civicas para preservar la union comunitaria.

We created the Community Health Fair and the Cancer Walk-A-Thon because we care about your health.

Hemos creado una Feria de la Salud y un Cancer Walk a Thon porque nos importa su salud.

We created the Community Garage Sale because we wanted the families of our city to have a better opportunity to make some extra money in these tough economic times.

Creamos el bazaar de la comunidad porque queriamos que las familias de nuestra ciudad tuvieran la oportunidad de tener un poco de dinero extra en estos tiempos dificiles.

And with the help of sponsors, we expanded the Hidalgo Christmas Posada with better toys and gifts for our children. The Hidalgo of today is all about preparing for the Hidalgo of tomorrow. Soon, lights in every city building will be replaced with high-efficiency, long-lasting, cost-saving LED lights. Soon, we’ll have a program that will finally let citizens start recycling. Hidalgo is growing, and it’s growing greener.

Hidalgo esta creciendo y se hace mas eficiente.

So ladies and gentlemen, I ask you today ... Help us grow.

Asi que damas y caballeros, les pido el dia de hoy Ayudenos a crecer.

Believe in Hidalgo. Help us spread the message.

Ayudenos a distribuir el mensaje.

Help us show the world how much Hidalgo truly has to offer!

Ayudenos mostrarle al mundo cuanto Hidalgo puede ofrecer!

Because it’s not what we do, it’s what we do together.

Porque no es lo que hacemos es lo que podemos hacer juntos.

It takes collaboration and communication to make a successful community.

Toma colaboracion y comunicacion para hacer a esta comunidad exitosa.

You, you, you and you... all of you have a seat at this table.

Tu, tu, tu y tu... Todos tienen un asiento en esta mesa.

My challenge to you is to ask yourself: What can I do?

El reto es el preguntarse a ustedes mismos: Que puedo hacer yo?

Because whether you’re a city worker, a teacher, a student or a retiree, your voice and your actions will determine how far we go as a city.

Porque puede ser un trabajador de la ciudad, un maestro, un estudiante, una persona retirada, su voz y sus acciones determinan que ten lejos vamos como ciudad.

So let’s show the world how great it is to live in Hidalgo.

Demostremosle al mundo lo bueno que es vivir en Hidalgo.

Let’s prove to the world how special our home is, and how special we are.

Vamos a demostrar lo especial que es nuestro hogar.

I’m so proud of Hidalgo.

Estoy tan orgulloso de Hidalgo.

I’m so proud of our school districts.

Estoy tan orgulloso de nuestros distritos escolares.

I’m so proud of you.

Estoy tan orgulloso de ustedes.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you and goodnight.

Desde el fondo de mi corazon, gracias y buenas noches.

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