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Friday, December 19, 2014
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Last Updated: 28 February 2014
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R Communications may run MundoFOX if it buys KMBH-TV

By Steve Taylor

McALLEN, February 28 - A corporate power point presentation shows R Communications has a proposed affiliation with MundoFOX, should the company succeed in its goal of purchasing KMBH-TV.

There is no mention of keeping PBS on the air. In fact, PBS is not mentioned in a 1,858-word text document that accompanies the power point. This will add to fears that PBS programming could be lost to the Rio Grande Valley, if the Catholic Diocese sells KMBH-TV, the Valley's PBS station, to R Communications.

Working on behalf of the Catholic Diocese, RGV Educational Broadcasting, Inc., announced in January that it was entering into a “local programming and marketing agreement” with MBTV Texas Valley LLC. Media analysts in the Valley believed at the time that MBTV Texas Valley LLC was really R Communications. MBTV was registered as a company by Roberto Gonzalez, president of R Communications.

R Communications has declined to comment on its proposed purchase of KMBH-TV from the Diocese. The power point, which can be found online on the Prezi.com cloud hosting service, may therefore be viewed as the first public commentary from the company about its proposed purchase.

The power point says R Communications, which has purchased numerous commercial radio stations along the South Texas border region in recent years, is excited to be getting into the TV market in the Valley.

On a slide titled “Why TV?” the power point says TV is the “perfect” accompaniment to its radio stations, which include News Talk 710 in the Valley.

“In the Rio Grande Valley, R Communications is the top radio biller in the market. Univision is the top biller in RGV for Television. Televisa is run out of a station in Mexico with a coverage of 300 kilowatts. MundoFOX is currently running out of a station in Mexico with a coverage of 100 kilowatts,” the power point states.

“In other words, the key players in the market are running from other cities. This creates our greatest weakness, being the smallest local player in the market and our greatest strength is being the smallest local player in the market.”

In the power point, R Communications state: “Our newscast will be local, our contacts will be local, our clients are local.”

The power point goes on to say: “Our Radio and TV efforts united will create a symbiotic environment which will benefit the growth in market share and aid the market in growth itself from the creativity that our marketing consultants and the relationships that we have established with the community.

“Our proposed affiliation with MundoFOX will prove a strong relationship and a much needed change to the markets programming. Coverage: KMBH-DT (Digital. Channel: 38, Max ERP: 1000 KW.”

In addition to discussing its foray into the TV market in the Valley, the R Communications power point also lists its top executives, the radio stations it owns and its connections to Mexico.

The president and founder of R Communications is Roberto G. Gonzalez, the power point states. “Mr. Gonzalez comes from a family with vast knowledge in the telecommunications industry. His family is the founding family of the first cable system in Mexico and now, one of the largest in the state.

“RCG Radio y Television is the leading cable, radio, and television company in the state of Coahuila. Mr. Gonzalez served there many years as chief advisor and senior executive vice president, instilling inspired creative ideas that would keep the company moving forward and keeping it on the forefront of the industry.

“By profession, Mr. Roberto G. Gonzalez is a talented attorney but his heart, his passion, his dedication are in the telecommunications industry.”

Other key executives in R Communications, the power point states, are Carlos Rodriguez, chief executive officer, Javier Calderon, executive vice president, corporate director, Romero Herrera, executive vice president, RGV market manager, Maria Alvarez, RGV director of sales, Orlando C. Ramos, human resources director, Rosemary Scoot, executive vice president of research, Felix Almanza, executive vice president of accounting and administration, and Bob Proud, executive vice president and western region manager.

The Guardian called the offices in R Communications in Del Rio and McAllen for a comment on the power point and why there was no mention of maintaining PBS in Valley. The calls were not returned at press time.

RGV Equal Voice Network has started a petition drive to get the FCC to keep PBS in the Valley.

Click here to sign the Equal Voice petition.

Editor's Note: The Prezi website page with the R Communications corporate power point presentation was pulled down off of the World Wide Web within in an hour of the above story being posted.

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