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Saturday, December 20, 2014
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Last Updated: Friday, December 19, 2014 10:09
López: Believer, learner, or skeptic – Which are you?
SAN ANTONIO, November 16 - During the spirited debate on the selection of the Vaquero as the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) mascot, two camps quickly emerged. Full Story >

García: Spain’s connections to South Texas
MADRID, October 21 - At the invitation of the Universidad de Oviedo in Asurias, Spain, I delivered a presentation last month to students, faculty and community individuals on ‘La Epoca Español en Tejas Desde 1528’ (Colonial Spanish Texas Since 1528). Full Story >

Acevedo: No Creo en Fronteras
CORRALES, New Mexico, October 5 - Baltazar Acevedo y Arispe, Jr., Ph.D., is a Native Tejano from Tahoka and a regular columnist for the Guardian. Full Story >

López: El Diezyseis and El Cinco in Texas History
SAN ANTONIO, September 16 - Two particular Mexican patriotic days are really popular in Texas. They are September the Sixteenth (El diezyseis) and May 5th (El Cinco de Mayo). Full Story >

López: What we owe our Tejano ancestors and their descendants
SAN ANTONIO, July 10 - For over 150 years, mainstream Texas history books have been written as if Texas history begins in 1836. Full Story >

Gutierrez: KEDT is best bet to maintain PBS in RGV
McALLEN, May 1 - The president and CEO of KMBH says Corpus Christi-based KEDT is more likely to save PBS in the Rio Grande Valley than R Communications, the commercial media group that currently manages KMBH TV for the Diocese of Brownsville. Full Story >

Magazine: Three entities vying to provide PBS in RGV
HARLINGEN, April 5 - Three entities are vying to provide PBS programming in the Rio Grande Valley, according to a trade publication that concentrates on Federal Communications Commission and public media issues. Full Story >

FCC invites public to comment on KMBH license renewal application
HARLINGEN, April 22 - Rio Grande Valley residents now have an opportunity to officially comment to the Federal Communications Commission on the Diocese of Brownsville’s application to renew its license to operate KMBH-TV. Full Story >

Proposed KMBH-TV buyer has TV experience in Mexico
McALLEN, April 5 - R Communications, which wants to buy KMBH-TV, acknowledges it does not have any background in television in the United States but says it can draw on a wealth of experience in Mexico. Full Story >

UPDATED: KMBH-TV has gone off the air
HARLINGEN, March 19 - KMBH-TV President Robert Gutierrez has provided an explanation on why the station has gone dark. Full Story >

Diocese agrees to sell KMBH-TV for $9 million
HARLINGEN, March 25 - The Diocese of Brownsville is selling KMBH-TV, the Rio Grande Valley’s PBS station, for $8.5 million, plus $500,000 for production services. Full Story >

OWLS watchdog group joins battle to 'save' PBS in RGV
EDINBURG, March 10 - The OWLS watchdog group is joining RGV Equal Voice Network’s efforts to save PBS in the Rio Grande Valley. Full Story >

KMBH-TV's management agreement with MBTV made public
HARLINGEN, March 8 - The general public can now, finally, view the local programming and marketing agreement now in place for KMBH-TV, the PBS station in the Rio Grande Valley. Full Story >

Gutierrez: KMBH-TV may go dark for two weeks
HARLINGEN, March 1 – The Rio Grande Valley’s PBS station could “go dark” for a couple of weeks before re-emerging as a commercial, Spanish-language station. Full Story >

UPDATED: FCC says 'yes' to flipping KMBH-TV license from non-commercial to commercial
HARLINGEN, February 28 - The Federal Communications Commission has given permission to RGV Educational Broadcasting, Inc., to change its KMBH television broadcast station license from non-commercial to commercial. Full Story >

R Communications may run MundoFOX if it buys KMBH-TV
McALLEN, February 28 - A corporate power point presentation shows R Communications has a proposed affiliation with MundoFOX, should the company succeed in its goal of purchasing KMBH-TV. Full Story >

Diocese: KMBH 88 FM is not for sale
HARLINGEN, February 20 - The Diocese of Brownsville has sought to reassure listeners to KMBH 88 FM – which carries NPR in the Rio Grande Valley - that the station is not for sale. Full Story >

Consortium being formed to apply for Valley PBS license
EDCOUCH, February 19 - School districts and colleges across the Rio Grande Valley have been asked to join a community-based consortium to apply to the Federal Communications Commission for the local PBS license. Full Story >