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Monday, November 24, 2014
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Last Updated: Monday, November 24, 2014 14:46
López: Believer, learner, or skeptic – Which are you?
SAN ANTONIO, November 16 - During the spirited debate on the selection of the Vaquero as the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) mascot, two camps quickly emerged. Full Story >

García: Spain’s connections to South Texas
MADRID, October 21 - At the invitation of the Universidad de Oviedo in Asurias, Spain, I delivered a presentation last month to students, faculty and community individuals on ‘La Epoca Español en Tejas Desde 1528’ (Colonial Spanish Texas Since 1528). Full Story >

Acevedo: No Creo en Fronteras
CORRALES, New Mexico, October 5 - Baltazar Acevedo y Arispe, Jr., Ph.D., is a Native Tejano from Tahoka and a regular columnist for the Guardian. Full Story >

López: El Diezyseis and El Cinco in Texas History
SAN ANTONIO, September 16 - Two particular Mexican patriotic days are really popular in Texas. They are September the Sixteenth (El diezyseis) and May 5th (El Cinco de Mayo). Full Story >

López: What we owe our Tejano ancestors and their descendants
SAN ANTONIO, July 10 - For over 150 years, mainstream Texas history books have been written as if Texas history begins in 1836. Full Story >

Gutierrez: KEDT is best bet to maintain PBS in RGV
McALLEN, May 1 - The president and CEO of KMBH says Corpus Christi-based KEDT is more likely to save PBS in the Rio Grande Valley than R Communications, the commercial media group that currently manages KMBH TV for the Diocese of Brownsville. Full Story >

FCC invites public to comment on KMBH license renewal application
HARLINGEN, April 22 - Rio Grande Valley residents now have an opportunity to officially comment to the Federal Communications Commission on the Diocese of Brownsville’s application to renew its license to operate KMBH-TV. Full Story >

Magazine: Three entities vying to provide PBS in RGV
HARLINGEN, April 5 - Three entities are vying to provide PBS programming in the Rio Grande Valley, according to a trade publication that concentrates on Federal Communications Commission and public media issues. Full Story >

Proposed KMBH-TV buyer has TV experience in Mexico
McALLEN, April 5 - R Communications, which wants to buy KMBH-TV, acknowledges it does not have any background in television in the United States but says it can draw on a wealth of experience in Mexico. Full Story >

Diocese agrees to sell KMBH-TV for $9 million
HARLINGEN, March 25 - The Diocese of Brownsville is selling KMBH-TV, the Rio Grande Valley’s PBS station, for $8.5 million, plus $500,000 for production services. Full Story >

UPDATED: KMBH-TV has gone off the air
HARLINGEN, March 19 - KMBH-TV President Robert Gutierrez has provided an explanation on why the station has gone dark. Full Story >

OWLS watchdog group joins battle to 'save' PBS in RGV
EDINBURG, March 10 - The OWLS watchdog group is joining RGV Equal Voice Network’s efforts to save PBS in the Rio Grande Valley. Full Story >

KMBH-TV's management agreement with MBTV made public
HARLINGEN, March 8 - The general public can now, finally, view the local programming and marketing agreement now in place for KMBH-TV, the PBS station in the Rio Grande Valley. Full Story >

Gutierrez: KMBH-TV may go dark for two weeks
HARLINGEN, March 1 – The Rio Grande Valley’s PBS station could “go dark” for a couple of weeks before re-emerging as a commercial, Spanish-language station. Full Story >

UPDATED: FCC says 'yes' to flipping KMBH-TV license from non-commercial to commercial
HARLINGEN, February 28 - The Federal Communications Commission has given permission to RGV Educational Broadcasting, Inc., to change its KMBH television broadcast station license from non-commercial to commercial. Full Story >

R Communications may run MundoFOX if it buys KMBH-TV
McALLEN, February 28 - A corporate power point presentation shows R Communications has a proposed affiliation with MundoFOX, should the company succeed in its goal of purchasing KMBH-TV. Full Story >

Diocese: KMBH 88 FM is not for sale
HARLINGEN, February 20 - The Diocese of Brownsville has sought to reassure listeners to KMBH 88 FM – which carries NPR in the Rio Grande Valley - that the station is not for sale. Full Story >

Consortium being formed to apply for Valley PBS license
EDCOUCH, February 19 - School districts and colleges across the Rio Grande Valley have been asked to join a community-based consortium to apply to the Federal Communications Commission for the local PBS license. Full Story >

Equal Voice writes to FCC to block sale of KMBH-TV
LAS MILPAS, February 11 - The RGV Equal Voice Network has written to the Federal Communications Commission to try to block the sale of KMBH-TV, the Rio Grande Valley’s PBS station. Full Story >

PBS: Research shows our programs for kids really make a difference
HARLINGEN, February 10 - Public Broadcasting Service has released in-depth information outlining how significant its programming can be for developing and enriching the nation’s youth. Full Story >

Grassroots group formed to save 'over the air' PBS for colonia children
McALLEN, February 6 - Concerned that children in colonias will miss out on “over the air” PBS educational programs, a grassroots pressure group has been formed to fight the sale of KMBH-TV. Full Story >

KEDT-TV Corpus Christi wants to save PBS in Rio Grande Valley
CORPUS CHRISTI, February 3 - South Texas Public Broadcasting System, the non-profit which operates KEDT-TV and KEDT Radio in the Coastal Bend area, wants to save and enhance PBS in the Rio Grande Valley. Full Story >

No public discussion on sale of KMBH-TV at station's annual meeting
McALLEN, November 21 - If any member of the public went along to Wednesday night’s RGV Educational Broadcasting, Inc., annual meeting hoping to learn more about the possible sale of KMBH by the Diocese of Brownsville they were out of luck. Full Story >

UT System approached about purchasing KMBH-TV
HARLINGEN, January 20 - The University of Texas has been approached by supporters of KMBH-TV with a view to saving PBS in the Rio Grande Valley. Full Story >

Whitlock tries to slow Diocese's sale of KMBH-TV
McALLEN, January 16 - There was a lively verbal exchange between the chairman of RGV Educational Broadcasting and a veteran TV broadcaster at a meeting where board members voted to proceed towards the sale of KMBH-TV. Full Story >

Diocese: We do not want the Valley to lose PBS
McALLEN, November 3 - The Diocese of Brownsville says it does not want the Rio Grande Valley to lose PBS if it decides to sell public broadcasting station KMBH-TV. Full Story >

Attorneys: Diocese working hard to keep PBS on the air
McALLEN, January 15 - Attorneys for KMBH-TV joined Bishop Daniel E. Flores on Wednesday in assuring Rio Grande Valley residents that RGV Educational Broadcasting is working tirelessly to keep PBS on the air in the region. Full Story >

KMBH TV being sold, PBS may go off the air in the Valley
McALLEN, January 14 - The Catholic Diocese of Brownsville wants to sell KMBH-TV but must first get permission from the Federal Communications Commission to flip the license from a non-commercial public service TV station to a commercial TV station. Full Story >